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SMITH Method MIPS Helmet – Oyuki X Smith E005421I1-Matte Black

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Smith Method Koroyd MIPS Helmet – Oyuki X Smith

Brand new for 2024, the Smith Method MIPS replaces the older Smith Maze model. Featuring the latest latest innovations, the Method is equipped with MIPS™ and zonal Koroyd®, which provides enhanced energy absorption in case of a crash. The helmet’s sleek design features eight fixed vents for optimal airflow and utilizes our trusted AirEvac™ technology to keep your goggles fog-free.
Koroyd was originally designed as an energy absorber in the aerospace industry, cylindrical structures were discovered to be one of nature’s most resilient forms. They possess the ability to provide exceptional impact absorption relative to their size. Leveraging this insight, Koroyd® harnesses the power of cylinders to create a revolutionary structure that exhibits unique behavior compared to traditional protective materials. Unlike conventional materials that function like springs, storing and releasing energy, Koroyd® acts as a genuine energy absorber. It effectively converts kinetic energy by collapsing or crumpling upon impact. This distinctive characteristic results in superior absorption of impact energy, providing enhanced protection.
Featuring the MIPS® Brain Protection System (BPS), an innovative design incorporates a Low Friction Layer between the shell and the liner. This layer serves as a separator, allowing the helmet to slide relative to the head during angled impacts. The MIPS® BPS is specifically engineered to enhance protection by addressing rotational motion. During an angled impact, both rotational energy (angular velocity) and rotational forces (resulting from angular acceleration) come into play. These factors have the potential to impact the brain and increase the risk of both minor and severe brain injuries. However, the MIPS® BPS has undergone scientific validation, proving its effectiveness in reducing rotational motion within a helmet. By absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transmitted to the brain, the MIPS® BPS provides an added layer of defense, significantly reducing the potential for injury.

What is ‘OYUKI®’?

OYUKI®, originating from Niseko, on Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island, emerged from a captivating winter landscape. Hokkaido transforms into a snowy wonderland during the winter season, with its towns enveloped in a pristine blanket of snow. Life in this region adapts to the weight and presence of snow, as locals tirelessly shovel and clear their surroundings to navigate through the accumulation. In the Japanese language, ‘OYUKI’ translates to ‘big snow,’ paying homage to the remarkable environment that OYUKI® proudly calls its home. This name symbolises the deep appreciation for the snowy paradise.

Helmet Tech and Features

  • Lightweight in-mold construction fuses the exterior shell and EPS foam for a one-piece design that’s lightweight and durable
  • Zonal Koroyd® coverage for lightweight, energy-absorbing and ventilated impact protection
  • MIPS® Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head
  • Self-adjusting lifestyle fit system flexes to match your head shape for maximum comfort
  • AirEvac™ ventilation system integrates with Smith goggles for fog-free lenses
  • Removable ear pads for form-fitting comfort
  • Designed for ultimate integration with Smith goggles for maximum comfort and venting
  • Eight fixed vents for consistent airflow
  • Removable Snapfit SL2 ear pads add warmth and are audio-chip compatible
  • Removable goggle strap lock for streamlined shell when goggles are worn under helmet
  • Beanie compatible
  • Aleck™ audio systems compatible
  • CE 1077B Certified (Snowboarding & Skiing)
  • Weight: 400g/14oz (Size Medium)

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